Episode 7 Wholesale shop “Kanzaki”

“Ah… Thank you for your help the other day. Um, ah, I’m working on rebuilding the Ninoma Shopping Mall with Yoshino-san here from Sazankatei… That’s why I’m visiting your wholesale store today.”

Why can’t I talk more casually! Kanzaki glanced sideways at Yoshino-san, who was happily talking to Asano, and put down the cardboard she was holding.

“Ah, is that right? You’re from Sazankatei…The previous owner of your inn helped me a lot. Or should I say I helped him? Hehehe.”

Don’t say things with a suggestive undertone, Kanzaki!! As I thought so, Yoshino-san, who was talking to Asano, reacted with a twitch, as expected.

“Kanzaki-san, I’m visiting your store to know about wholesale stores.  You knew my grandpa…grandfather. I didn’t know that. I looked over all the work handover documents he gave me, but it didn’t say anything about you. Maybe he forgot to write about you. I’m so sorry to say hello to you so late.”

Oh, are they in a battle of egos? I’m really bad at understanding those kinds of things…Grandpa!

While I was flustered, Kanzaki spoke in a relaxed manner.

“Oh, that must be because of the characteristics of our store. Yotchan was really a man of integrity. Well, I guess he knew you and I would eventually get to know each other.”


Yoshino-san was just about to say that, but turned red-faced and fell silent. How complicated her feelings must be if Yoshizo-san, the grandfather she respected, is called “Yotchan” by a woman with an unknown background… Anyway, in the women’s showdown, Kanzaki secured the first victory… but that doesn’t matter!

“Kanzaki-san, what do you mean by the characteristics of your store? This is a wholesale store, right?”

I desperately tried as hard as I could to get back to talking about work. Asano interrupted me, whether she knew how I felt or not. 

“Kan-chan is very passionate about business, but because of that, she’s somewhat stubborn. She decides who she does business with based on the store owner’s character, and she doesn’t do business with dishonest stores, no matter how prosperous they are. That’s why, even though she can purchase anything, she doesn’t advertise her store so much. Right, Kan-chan?”

“She can purchase anything? But she doesn’t advertise so much…”

I muttered to myself. Then Kanzaki made an obvious expression of annoyance.

“Asano, you’re talking too much about everything. Here, this is what you asked me to buy. Also, there are some samples of new cosmetics inside, so tell me what you think later.”

Saying so, she handed Asano the cardboard box with packages and pushed it against her.

“OK, OK. I’m going home. Thanks for everything, Kan-chan. See you later, Taro and Yoshino.”

Asano winked at everyone as she walked out of the store, not being able to shake her hand because of her baggage. Yoshino-san waved goodbye with both hands, as if she was doing it for Asano, too.

“Well… people say you can buy anything, Kanzaki-san. But I’m guessing you can’t take on a role in revamping the Ninoma Shopping Mall, using that power of yours.”

“You’re right. It’s like I’m repeating what she said, but I don’t do business with just anybody. I’m sorry about that.”

“OK. But you gave me your business card… I wonder if it means it’s OK for you to work with me, at least?”

“Oh, Taro-chan, you’ve gotten overconfident.”

Before I knew it, I was having a probing conversation with Kanzaki. Now that I’m in work mode, I’m no longer Taro-chan who can’t talk to a mature woman. Yoshino-san doesn’t seem to know what to do with the atmosphere in the store that has changed since a while ago.

“By the way, this Beyblade you gave me the other day……can I ask where you got it from? If you don’t mind, I’d like to get it handled at Hobby House, run by a very motivated store owner.”

I took out the Beyblade that Kanzaki had given me earlier from my pocket and spoke.

“Hobby House! Oh, it’s unfortunate. I thought I might get a new business partner, but… I’m already doing a lot of business with them. If you want me to distribute that product to Hobby House, I’ll join in, but I can’t tell you where I got it. If I were to give you a hint… Akiba, maybe?”

“Akiba”!? Akiba? Is that Akiba, which stands for Akihabara? If she’s dealing with products from Akihabara, it makes sense that she has Beyblades here, but…  who the hell is this woman called Kanzaki…?


Yoshino-san muttered with a puzzled expression. Yoshino-san doesn’t seem to know Akihabara. So, after all, Akiba or Akihabara are cities that don’t exist in this world over here.


Looking in the direction of the sudden voice, I saw Nakamura, the rumored Hobby House owner, standing at the entrance of the store with a man. When Nakamura spotted Yoshino-san, his face brightened, but he quickly turned to Kanzaki and took on the face of a merchant. He doesn’t seem to see me…

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but this man is one of our regular customers from the west side, and he’s been thinking very hard for the past six months and decided he wants to open a store that sells trading cards in his hometown. That’s why I brought him here to introduce you to him.

Kanzaki looked at the man Nakamura had brought, as if she was judging him.

“OK. Nakamura-san, can you wait for me in the back room?”

Saying that, she looked in the direction of the hallway. Nakamura looks used to it and takes the man into the store. Then, looking this way, he says:

“Yoshino-chan, Kira-san, I’m sorry I interrupted you in the middle of your conversation.”

Saying that, he disappeared into the back of the corridor together with the man. Nakamura had seen me…

“Kanzaki-san, can you talk to Nakamura-san about Beyblades? We are planning to make a playspace at his store, but I was a little ahead of him about Beyblades. “

 “OK. Wow, playspace!”

Kanzaki smiled.

“By the way… did that man pass your test?”

I asked her with a mean-spirited intention.

“Well, I don’t know much about him, but… I’ve known Nakamura-san for a long time. Most of the people Nakamura-san brings are OK.  I guess he will be successful if he opens a store. First of all, he has a keen eye for products to sell, and it’s a decision after half a year of thinking. We offer discounts for those kinds of people.”

Kanzaki said happily. She really likes business. That’s what I felt from her.

It is true that “trading cards” are now very popular as content. He really has a keen eye for products to sell, though I don’t know where the west side is… Kyoto or Osaka?

“I see, I’m glad I came today. ……By the way, Kanzaki-san, we’d like to renew the tableware for customers at Sazankatei. Can you purchase light, durable and inexpensive “Arita ware”?”

Hearing my words, Yoshino-san, who had been quiet until now, stood up.

“Taro-san? Arita ware for the guests? Inexpensively? We can’t afford to buy that at our place.”

Kanzaki ignored Yoshino-san and punched the calculator.

“That’s about it for a person, if you buy 50 sets. If you buy twice the quantity, I can give you a little more discount.”

Yoshino-san looked into the calculator.

“Oh, it’s so cheap… then, maybe we can…”

Even though Yoshino-san had a bewildered expression on her face, she seemed to have started making some trial calculations.

I was convinced now. Arita porcelain is so expensive that only Yoshino-san’s grandfather could afford to use it in this world. But, if Kanzaki can really purchase it so cheaply…. she must be connected to the modern age I was in, or to a world where Arita ware is available so cheaply.

(To be continued)

written by SASAKI HANAKO

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